What is the Ecosystem Health Check?

The Ecosystem Health Toolkit is an open self-assessment tool that includes an online KPI dashboard to be filled by local ecosystem professionals as well as an extensive user guide including two cases where the tool has been put into action (Cologne Germany and Guatemala City). We also provide a theoretical framework that provides the reasoning and logic our tool is based on.

The Ecosystem Health Check was developed by Swisscontact and DEEP Ecosystems.

What are the eight central metrics of the Ecosystem Health Check?

They are Diversity & Inclusivity (example: Share of Female Founders); Knowledge & Talent (example: Number of full-stack developers per capita); Startup Support (example: Number of startups per capita); Specialization & Diversification (example: Diversity of support programs based on sectors) Network Density (Number of regular meetups per capita); Innovation Culture (example: Sum of foreign investments per capita); Policies (Example: Ratings for Ease of Doing Business); and International Connectivity (example: Number of international top startups with offices in the ecosystem). Read more about the theoretical framework here.

Is the Ecosystem Health Check about health or the healthcare industry?

No. The purpose of the Ecosystem Health Check is to help analyze entrepreneurial ecosystems, no matter their industry or sector focus.

What is an ecosystem?

In analogy to a biological ecosystem (like a rainforest), we use the term ecosystem as a social system with diverse actors within a limited area. The Ecosystem Health Check can be applied to entrepreneurial, innovation or startup ecosystems as a social system in a limited space where entrepreneurs become successful again and again. Read more about the theoretical framework here.

Where can I find data on my ecosystem?

Find a list of our recommended data sources here. For more guidance, make sure to download and read the practical guide here.